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Edwin Johnson, HAAC

Executive Chef

Chef Edwin Johnson’s extensive career began as an apprentice cook at the world renowned Ocean Club, Paradise Island in The Bahamas. With the many skills he honed during his time at Westminster College London, England and then The Nicholls State University, New Orleans, it is no surprise that the following years saw him employed by almost every major resort in The Bahamas.

Chef Johnson carried a theme of many firsts throughout his career. He was the first Chef to be presented “The Manager of The Year Award” by the Bahamas Hotel Association; the first and only chef of a Caribbean country to address the Chef’s Congress in Dubai with an audience of more than 4000; the first Bahamian Chef to be given “The President Medallion” from the American Culinary Federation, the first Bahamian Chef to be inducted into the American Academy of Chefs and the first Bahamian to achieve the Marriot International “Bill Tiefel Award”.

His successes over the years made him an obvious choice to become the Treasurer of The Bahamas Culinary Association and subsequently the President of the same association. During his time as the President he took take a team comprised of Bahamian Chefs to compete at The Culinary Olympics in Germany, a first for the Bahamas. His involvement in The Bahamas Culinary Association meant he was able to bring The Bahamas to a standard where they were able to ascend to membership in the World Association of Chef’s Society.

Throughout Chef Johnson’s career he has received many awards. His most notable achievements include the Clarion Resort South Ocean Chef of the Year Award, The Cacique Chef of The Year Award, The American Academy of Chef Inductee Award and The Bahamas Culinary Association Chef of the Year Award. Chef Johnson’s name has always preceded him; therefore it was no surprise when he was selected to serve as the Personal Chef to their Excellencies the President of the Republic of Botswana and Madame Mogae on their state visit to The Bahamas.

Chef Edwin Johnson HAAC is the Executive Chef of Sapodilla of West Bay.

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Jason McBride

Executive Sous Chef

Born in Nassau, Bahamas, Jason spent the majority of his childhood years in Freeport, Grand Bahama. It was in high school where he developed a passion for the world of culinary art. Thereafter, he began his journey towards becoming a professional chef by enlisting in the Apprenticeship program at the Bahamas Hotel Training College. Carnival Crystal Palace was the resort where Mr. McBride carried-out his internship, amassing a wealth of knowledge of the culinary field.

Upon graduation, Chef Jason was assigned the responsibilities of Head Chef at the Peace ‘N’ Plenty Beach Inn, Exuma, Bahamas. With more to offer, and wanting to broaden his work experience, he returned to Nassau and assumed the position of Sous Chef at the Marriott Resort and Casino. Later he moved on to the Atlantis Resort as Head Chef and continued his exciting career as Sous Chef of South Ocean Golf Course and Resort. Among these many exclusive properties, he also worked at the Radisson Cable Beach Golfing Resort and The Wyndham Nassau Resort as Executive Sous Chef.

By way of accomplishments, our Executive Sous Chef is the winner of nineteen Gold Medals, eight Silver Medals and fifteen Bronze Medals. These were won at various culinary competitions in places such as: Germany, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida and Puerta Rico. Jason Received three of the aforementioned medals as a two time competitor at The Culinary World Olympics 2004 and 2008.

In 2006, Chef Jason was named Chef of the Year by the Cacique Award. Chef Jason loves the idea of sharing his expertise with younger chefs. He also hopes to see young Bahamians rise in the profession as originators of new trends in culinary. The success of Sapodilla’s Culinary Department has become a major desire of his. Chef Jason McBride is certainly living his dream.

Sapodilla Chefs (21)

Lynden Young

Executive Pastry Chef

Chef Lynden Young has worked in the culinary profession for twenty eight years. His passion for the culinary field began at the early age of nine. Upon his matriculation to junior high, Lynden enrolled into cookery classes; which further led to summer cooking programs. At the age of fifteen his aspiration to become a chef inspired him to fulfill his pre-graduation community work at the Holiday Inn Paradise Island.

After graduating high school, Lynden was made a full time member of the kitchen brigade at Holiday Inn as a trainee Pastry Chef. This was the beginning of his journey towards a fruitful career. Added training propelled him in the art of pastry making, cake decorating and Confectionery Arts. He was formally trained at Johnson and Whales University and the Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Arts. Chef Lynden has worked alongside and under studied with a number of qualified chefs from the Bahamas, Europe and North America.

By way of work experience, Lynden has worked at Holiday Inn, Paradise Harbor Club, both located on Paradise Island, Lyford Cay Members Club, Moven Pick Restaurant Toronto Canada and Old Fort Bay. Many apprentices and private chefs have excelled under the tutelage of Chef Young. He loves sharing his knowledge and skills with all who are interested in baking and pastry making. He is also an ordained Minister of the Gospel and uses this gift to uplift and inspire others. Chef Young presently holds the position of Executive Pastry Chef at Sapodilla of West Bay.

He desires to see many more young Bahamians excel in the culinary profession as Pastry Chefs.