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Our Wedding Sites

Beach Site.

The soft sand glistened as it joyfully reflected the sun’s ray ,as we walked across to the beach, a few steps from Sapodilla’s estate. As I breathe in the fresh air the smell of salt tingled my nose . Looking back at the palm trees of sapodilla swaying in the back ground made me happy that I choose Sapodilla Estate .

Pool Terrace

A little walk through our nature gardens , with a couple of steps and a slight elevation brings me to this spacious private site of the terrace .It is as if the trees and gardens were a part of my covering which made my function so romantic and fun with only my guest and the professional staff of Sapodilla Estate present .

Kamalame Gardens.

Our lush tropical scenery of our Kamalame gardens , makes for an ideal photo shoot or a cocktail party .

Kamalame Terrace

Forget the restrictions of white washed walls and painted interiors, and celebrate your nuptials embraced by a lush tropical garden brimming with exotic, colorful flowers masquerading in the fragrance of orchids and jasmine. Kamalame Terrace at Sapodilla Estate offers the perfect setting for the couple who want their beginning in paradise. The gardens, which accommodate 150, cascades three tiers to create a visual colour feast. The area can be transformed to take your wedding from ceremony to reception with just a few steps. A cocktail at our premium Kalamame Bar that adjoins the terrace takes care of those pre-ceremony jitters; the gardens we assure you will do the rest…

Angel GazeboSapodilla-Gallery-07

Nothing makes a wedding feel as special as the sense that you are exchanging vows in the presence of angels, and at our Angel Gazebo the experience is heavenly. Surrounded by a natural wetland, our Angel Gazebo has become the favorite among brides who treasure the intimate ceremony. The space, which accommodates 25, is accessed by a short bridge, which opens onto a terrace surrounding the gazebo. The water setting, which is hedged by native flora, creates the atmosphere of privacy. Quiet and serene the Angel Gazebo provides the perfect location for smaller, more cherished ceremonies. Our one disclaimer…. the few swans that will glide by to witness your new journey…

Palm Terrace

Celestial…. it’s the one word that best describes the Palm Terrace at Sapodilla Estate. Blanketed by stars each night, the Palm Terrace is the perfect spot for nuptials that desire exchanging their vows in the evening and celebrating under a perfectly lit sky. Accommodating up to 200, the Palm Terrace is wrapped by beautiful Arabian Palms that secure the night sky for your eyes only. It offers a singular location for the couple wanting to exchange vows and host a reception in one place. So go ahead, make a wish….